NFC Wallet

With the present market dynamics but surely moving towards contactless payments especially through NFC technology, Financial Institutions should, if not already done so, be ready to provide their customers option to transact using this technology.

NFC wallet is a mobile wallet application, which uses a special chip on the smart phone. With the advantages of Secure Element or HCE in NFC Chip, wallet can store credit/debit cards, access cards, coupons, loyalty cards, prepaid cards, tickets, and many other contents in the same wallet and manage. This type of wallet requires the consumer to log in to the app, using a secure PIN or password. For the cardholder and the merchant, this is similar to how EMV PIN codes work. The wallet app can then be used for proximity “contactless” interaction with nearby contactless terminals, transport gates or other NFC devices. This wallet can be interfaced with any of the PNO’s and certify to leverage wallet benefits for your partners or end customers. Since Issuers are connected already with the PNO’s.


Implementation Partner

Girmiti Software’s team has the technology experience and payment domain expertise in implementing solutions end to end for our customers.

As part of this, we are well positioned globally to take up the following delivery & implementation responsibilities on our customer’s behalf to go live:

  • Scoping the complete product/solution or perform gap analysis of existing product by looking at current features and expectations
  • Arrive at the Architecture & Design or Re-design to have Prototype Framework
  • Define the interface requirements with external entities
  • Enhancements & customization of the application
  • Grounds up development or customization to address new requirements and changes
  • QA Testing
  • Build & Release Management
  • Product Sustenance, Maintenance & Support
  • Product Testing & UAT
  • Business Intelligence
  • Help in Certifications
  • Security Testing using the Tools
  • Automation of platforms for QA
  • Automating build and Deployment environment
  • Automating the Production environment
  • Static Code Optimizations using tools
  • Open source library and License removals
  • Security Implementation
  • PCI compliance
  • Managing the Production environment
  • Expertise in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure etc.
  • L2 & L3 Operations


EMV Services

With EMV implementation becoming a must rather than an option and it being mandated by all the key Payment Schemes across globally, it is imperative that various players affected implement EMV to remain competitive.

Our vast experience in developing and implementing EMV solutions for Issuers and Acquirers, Kernels puts Girmiti in a strong position to offer solutions and services for GEPS for EMV.

Our domain and technology expertise and offerings include:

  • Implement EMV L2 Kernels for PoS and PC PoS – Contact and Contactless
  • Implement EMV L2 Kernels for mPOS using Android OS
  • Development and Implementation of EMV Issuance - Chip Card Management System for personalization and post personalization support; HSM APIs for processing Chip Authorization like cryptograms ARQC or interface with WBC
  • Test execution using tools for contact and contactless
  • Laboratory Security evaluation and certifying the product for our customers
  • Certifications for payment schemes for different regions for our partners


Banking & Financials

Girmiti Software helps Banks, Financial services firms develop business solutions that drive efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and virtualization. When customers’ work with us they benefit from our deep domain and technology expertise, compliance with regulations, and build enhanced product features to support business & operations to enable in mobile, e-commerce and cloud environments.

We carry specialist team of analysts, domain and technology experts to provide solutions to our partners in this space with advantage of smart people succeeding in providing solutions to our customers. It will be an added advantage to use our professional services experts in this to help in functionalities, conceptualization, architecture and designing to build enterprises platform for our customers and implement those in regions across the globe.

Our team helps in building & automating the platforms to move the product in production to go live in global market, which includes security, compliance standards & certifications.



Girmiti combines expertise in the payments industry and innovative technologies to offer next-generation solutions and professional services.

Girmiti solutions and services address requirements for various verticals covering EMV solutions for mPOS, PC, Mobile and Readers, support add on transactional channels for Payments, Retailers, Restaurants, Healthcare, Telecom, Banks, payments, Transits and Events Management.

Girmiti also brings in their experience to provide QR & NFC-Wallet solutions for end users, businesses, partners to transform and mobilize the business to bring about flexibility through its use in the payment ecosystems.

We bring value proposition to our customers in execution, delivery, innovation, operations and differentiate with others on our professional services with our focused objectives to achieve results with cost effectiveness in niche space.

Girmiti Software has been appraised at level 3 of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMi).

We are a ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company.

We are also PCI DSS SAQ- D v3.2 Certified