Girmiti Software team works to optimize, analyze, consult, architect, design and build mobile applications & middleware that provide business and end users a robust system for their daily needs to access information across various industries and for customers to utilize platforms, business applications and facilitate consumers or 3rd party partners.

Mobility has transformed the way merchants and retailers view their business - enabling them to accelerate sales, elevate service and boost revenues. Mobile payment technology provides a new level of consumer interaction that empowers a sales person to truly engage with customers to provide convenience and better shopping experiences.

We bring the experience for our customers in Mobile payment space by working on any readers, hardware devices to interface with, implementing mPOS and helping enable for our customers mobile devices, hardware devices, tablets and smart phones on Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry and HTML5 platforms.

Girmiti provides the most comprehensive solutions and services in the areas of mCommerce, Mobile NFC Wallet, mPayments & Banking with respect to customers’ needs in specified regions, for secure, remote proximity transaction implementations, and support for all mobile phones, tablets, channels and networks:

  • Mobile Banking, with service implemented for account management, bill payments, fund transfers and payments – over-the-air, NFC, BLE, QR Code, Biometric, Barcode etc

  • Mobile Money Transfer, with AML compliant cross-border-remittances and person-to-person payments

  • Mobile Insurance, enabling existing systems and implementing for agents and policy users

  • Mobile Ticketing, for travel – air, rail and bus – movies and sport events

  • Mobile Market research, advertisement, Voucher and Coupons- to search, manage, and redeem over-the-air, access, identification, Bar Codes and NFC

  • Our team helps our customers in implementing solutions for their partners and their customers to provide the flexibility & security

  • Access to relevant data, reminders, alerts, identifications, transactions

  • User-friendly interface

  • Support multiple user-scenarios

  • All devices & support different networks, all channels

  • Protection for lost or damaged devices

  • Secure back-up of personal data

Mobile Development Life Cycle

Girmiti team has expertise in helping partners in consulting on business solutions, architecting, design, developing core features for customers, customization or integrating with other systems, implementing the platform, testing, UAT across different countries to help banks, network operators, third party payment and non- payment companies, networks and others entities.

We help our customer in implementing the core product and in supporting the below areas -

  • Providing applications that are modular and have scalable architecture

  • Payments, Retail, Banking, Carrier, Insurance, Health, Gas Stations, City Services & Events

  • Advanced and progressive security mechanisms, Flexibility, Quality, Real time Notifications and Alerts

  • PCI compliance & PA-DSS

While implementing Mobile solutions, our team covers the below highlighted points with our customers and partners -

  • Application Aggregation

  • End-to-End Security

  • Configurable Trust Models

  • Intuitive User Interface and Experience

  • Transaction Reliability

  • Application Development Tools

  • Advertising linked to Transactions

  • Over-The-Air Service Delivery

  • Over-The-Air Card/Token Issuance

  • Extensive Device Support

  • Network Agnostic

The industry and market growth on Mobile technology has helped our team to absorb latest technologies, focus on the development life cycle processes and use the same for enabling Mobile technology for existing enterprise systems effectively.

Our team has built practice in the Mobile Enterprise space with following flows, to help our customers in implementing the applications -

  • Planning Service

  • Development and Enablement

  • Middleware tools and services

  • Service Experience Assurance

  • Implementation, Deployment and builds

  • Maintenance, Support and Upgrades

  • Testing, Certifications

  • Decommission

We build Mobile/Tablet applications using customer defined platforms, middleware libraries technologies and cover development on all devices to ensure support for multiple channels and mobile platforms.

We build cost effective mobile applications using Phonegap, IBM Worklight, Sencha, Oracle MAF and Kony. We have the ability to leverage native smart phone features and add on handset specific features.

Our team has capabilities to work and support on different handsets models in same family or other families irrespective of mobile manufactures.

The handset platforms that we have worked on include -

  • iPhone / iPad

  • Google - Android

  • Apple iOS

  • Windows Mobile

  • HP Web OS

  • JAVA

  • BREW

  • Blackberry / BB pad

  • Nokia (Symbian OS)

  • HTML 5

Our team carries the expertise in the middleware tools using Sencha, Kony framework, Oracle Business suites, IBM worklight, Phone gaps to implement them on above devices using one platform

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