Girmiti Software team has deep domain expertise in Digital Banking and Financial Services, Payments, Retail, Health, sports, Transit, Telecommunication, where our focus is on the business environment, providing software consultancy, innovation, solutions through a combination of new generation Technology and Domain. We provide end to end consultancy, solutions and implementation to help our customers in automating their business processes, define scope, architecture, design, roadmap, providing the appropriate software solution platform for their competitive advantage through added efficiency, effectiveness through innovation and making their virtualization strategies real.

Besides the above solutions, we help in integrating with new era Digital systems and support addressing any new challenges in systems for our partners and their customers.

Our implementation and deployment team consists of experienced management consultants who speak the language of business in Digital payments, Digital Wallet, Retail, Health Care, Food Chains, Telecom, Transit, Sports and IT. We provide advisory services across our focused areas for helping our customers to create and drive future innovative business technology solutions. We assist by helping in consulting, conceptualizing, architecting, designing and implementing, automating, testing, UAT and deploying the solutions in the cloud environment.

Some of our innovative platforms implemented for our customers are in the space of Digital Issuance, Digital Wallet, NFC Mobile, HCE, Tokenization, SP TSM, Prepaid Debit Issuance, EMV Gateway, TMS, Kernel development, Mobile SDK, EMV POS, Applets certifications on different operating platforms, Cloud technologies and certifications with VISA, MasterCard, etc. and Processors.

Our team has a successful track record in different geographical locations for platform implementations, migration, porting and interfacing with 3rd party solutions.

Some of the solutions implemented for our customer are in the areas of -

  • EMV implementation on Readers and Gateway

  • Kernel SDK for mPOS

  • Mobile SDK for interface with PG, Merchant, TMS etc.

  • Prepaid Issuance

  • Digital Issuance

  • HCE and Cloud SP TSM

  • SP & SE TSM for PNO’s

  • Tokenization

  • NFC wallet

  • EMV for POS, Mobile & Kernel

  • EMV Issuance and Card Management

  • Mobile Payments, Banking and Remittance

  • VISA and MasterCard implementation for HCE

  • BLE, Wi-Fi

  • Certifications with PNO’s for different regions for Issuance & HCE

Solutions and Professional services that we have provided to our customers in Cloud, Backend & Mobile solutions are:

  • Consulting, Architecting, Design

  • Application Development and Customization

  • Re-Engineering/ Legacy enablement

  • Migration, Maintenance

  • Porting/ Conversions

  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

  • Middleware Tools implementation

  • EPI / E&M-Commerce

  • Building Platform and Deployment

  • Quality Assurance & Automation

  • Performance

  • Open source and security

  • PCI and PA DSS compliance

  • Certifications & UAT

Our Team helps and works closely with our customers to understand the existing scope, current business scenarios, flows of the existing systems, to provide the consulting solutions to Build, Architect, Enhance Features, Design, Develop, Test, Automate, Deploy, UAT.

We enable the new generation trends in providing solutions and services in Cloud and IoT.

We bring deep knowledge and experience in Payment solutions for Supporting 24/7, SLAs (DevOps and SysOps), maintaining and managing the existing systems for our customer and their partners.

Our technology team brings the expertise in solutions and professional services to work in new generation modular architecture, microservices, cloud-enabled, APIs, secured mechanism, token-based authentication, internationalization, two-way SSL, Certificates, Securing Sensitive Data, OWASP, Database Encryption. Read more....

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