Girmiti Software, innovative payments solution provider, is appraised at maturity level 5 of CMMI® Institute

Girmiti Software a pioneer in implementing innovative, seamless and new generation payment solutions, announced that it has been successfully appraised at maturity level 5 of Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI) - DEV (Development) V 1.3, the highest standard in quality management.

CMMI level 5 appraisal confirms a company’s best practices for continuous improvement in development processes in building high quality products and services.

“With the core business objective of providing quality metric services, we are committed to innovate and improve our business processes to attain excellence in delivering our solutions & professional services. We are extremely proud of receiving CMMI level 5 appraisal, an industry benchmark for quality management. Achieving this appraisal reinforces our commitment of delighting our customers by delivering end to end payment solutions, that fulfils their requirements of providing unparalleled payment services to the market and end users.” said Mr. Sanjeev Patil, CEO of Girmiti Software Private Limited.

“CMMI is a rigorous assessment that verifies the quality management of an organization. The appraisal team had displayed utmost commitment and professionalism throughout the process. It is very evident from the process that the organization is undeniably a customer-oriented that delivers timely, quality services “said Ms. Madhumita Sen Poddar, CMMI Institute certified High Maturity Lead Appraiser.

An appraisal at maturity level 5 indicates that the organization is performing at an “optimizing” level. At this level, an organization continually improves its processes based on a quantitative understanding of its business objectives and performance needs. The organization uses a quantitative approach to understand the variation inherent in the process and the causes of process outcomes.

About Girmiti Software

Girmiti Software private Limited, one of the leading global payment solution providers, leverages payment expertise and new age technology in providing innovative and seamless digital payment solutions that are simple, efficient and secure. With our solutions and services, we enhance the existing payment systems and help businesses to make the payments easy for their customers by providing multiple payment channels. We offer a comprehensive suite of digital payment solutions & services that include Digital Issuance that supports SE/Girmiti HCE ™, Payment Gateways, Girmiti TMS ™ , Digital Wallet, loyalty, AFCS,Girmiti mPOS ™ & E-commerce, which helps in seamless and secure payments. Depending on the business requirements, our solutions and services are tailored and deployed in companies of various industries that include banks, processors, schemes, retail, OEM, telecom, transit, events management, restaurants, healthcare etc., We are proud to be partnering with global companies and we continue to create an impeccable impact to our customer businesses through our exceptional quality and customer services with compliance.

Girmiti Software Appraised at CMMI Level 3

Bangalore (May 19, 2016) — Girmiti Software today announced that it has been appraised at level 3 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)®.

CMMI is a capability improvement framework that provides organizations with the essential elements of effective processes that ultimately improve their performance.

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An appraisal at maturity level 3 indicates the organization is performing at a “defined” level. At this level, processes are well characterized and understood, and are described in standards, procedures, tools, and methods. The organization’s set of standard processes, which is the basis for maturity level 3, is established and improved over time.

What our CMMI maturity level rating means for you:

  • Our work and processes have received the highest form of third-party validation.
  • We take a proactive approach to managing projects and processes.
  • We manage projects with an established set of practices.
  • We’re dedicated to continuous improvement and producing great work that makes a difference.

Girmiti Software’s team believes in continuous improvement in our processes. Our process department and team are responsible for driving adherence to quality, improvement to process within Girmiti.

About Girmiti Software
Girmiti Software is a global leader in innovative technologies and provide software business new generation solutions & services. We help our customers bring future of work to reality in today’s business environment that is being transformed by acceleration, connectivity, globalization, virtualization, learning, growing towards innovation and next generation technologies to implement an ecosystem for our partners to meet consumer expectations.

We have defined processes to follow and which helps us work closely with our customer and meet the goals.

At the same time, we are flexible to adopt our customer’s processes and follow them internally to have a unified and synchronized approach and this has been followed every single time we have worked with customers and their end clients during implementation of solutions.

About CMMI® Institute
CMMI Institute is the global leader in the advancement of best practices in people, process, and technology. The Institute provides the tools and support for organizations to benchmark their capabilities and build maturity by comparing their operations to best practices and identifying performance gaps. For over 25 years, thousands of high-performing organizations in a variety of industries, including aerospace, finance, health services, software, defense, transportation, and telecommunications, have earned a CMMI maturity level rating and proved they are capable business partners and suppliers.

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