Our company’s DNA is task and team-based, not geography-based. This structure is made possible by our global services delivery model, which enables real-time knowledge sharing and interaction with colleagues around the world.

We are the global services provider with a business model structured both vertically and horizontally. That is, vertically with expertise in almost every major industry segment, as well as horizontally, across a full complement of integrated solutions and services. In fact, many of our senior members originate from the industry in which we work.

We provide opportunities for individuals to grow into leadership roles and enhance their technical skill sets by providing an environment where one can contribute individually and also as a team member.

We have a dedicated, committed and highly motivated team whose focus is on working towards our customer's delight.

While it is often believed that innovation occurs in spontaneous and unplanned moments, the truth is innovation is a force of habit. We need to train ourselves to think constantly, approaching old problems in new ways, and recognizing gaps that may not always be apparent. At Girmiti, innovation is everybody's job.

Our grassroots approach to innovation means it encourages everyone to stay focused on it all the time, rather than in between things. In fact, it is this unique approach to innovation that has made problem finding and solving second nature to us and has helped us set ourselves apart in the industry.

Coming on board and Benefits:

Great benefits and a workplace that is fun and dedicated in making customers happy. We have cultivated one of the best workplace cultures that set us apart from many organizations.

Given that we have established what the company culture is, and fitting into our culture is the most important thing our managers look for when hiring. This promotes the culture and happy employees, which ultimately leads to happy customers and thereby meeting our “Customer First” business philosophy.

At Girmiti you will meet team members who are pleasant and friendly to each other, and are both good at and love what they are doing. All team members are passionate about their work and they enjoy their work. There is no set of rules and employees are given complete freedom in their work with minimal supervision which results in having happy and satisfied employees who feel what they are doing work that matters.

Our flat hierarchy makes the employees feel their voices can be heard as against muffled under layers of management. This level of freedom and empowerment has created confident employees and improves the morale of the employee. Essentially providing employees with a sense of safety and well-being and creating a policy where everyone looks out for each other.

Once an employee joins the company, there is no bench period: One can have more exposure to the client and many times it leads to challenging work. Technically an employee would become very strong compared to their peer in other organizations. The employee would get multiple options for learning and work in multiple technologies based on interest and performance.

Also during our new joiner induction we make sure that we address new generations of workers who have different workplace expectations and requirements.

Leverages new technologies to support the increasingly mobile and distributed nature of our work through in-depth Domain Training and mentoring exercises.

We encourage employees to move across projects in the bargain reducing burnouts, ensuring that employees are mentally stimulated.

Monday morning Stand up meetings makes sure the week starts on the right foot and the task or activities are planned for the entire week in line with the project requirements.

Employee raises/promotions are merit-based and come from employee performance and analysis through appraisal and capability exhibited to take over higher responsibility. Portions of the budget are dedicated to employee team building and culture promotion.

Most employees are also eligible for an annual bonus. In addition, to make that bonus stretch, every employee qualifies to get an ‘A+’ rating upon exceeding expectations in terms of achievements.

A company guest house is an option available to new joiners and outstation candidates and when we have night outs at office commuting is not a concern.

The Girmiti team means that a positive culture is on the forefront, setting up fun lunches, events, programs employee trips, parties, Team bonding & Team lunch on achieving milestones. The company makes sure that there is always an upcoming event so the entire team has something to look forward to, and it uses methods to make sure the entire team works well together by insisting everyone helps keep the cafeteria, conference rooms tidy.

Girmiti doesn't just offer employees a stimulating environment to work and create; they also give them some pretty sweet benefits. Employees need not pack a sandwich for lunch or rush home to cook dinner. Free food for lunch dinner, savory, tea & coffee is just one of the many perks.

Girmiti also fosters good employee relations, work hard at Girmiti, but they are also encouraged to play hard. They can work off stress or have fun at the company's on-site gym equipped with Gym cardio equipment and indoor games like Table tennis, caroms, chessboard, foosball, and snooker.

Among other stress busters we have, Televisions to break the monotony around every work area/cafeteria that sometimes plays an animation that we loved as kids or the most popular sport of India that almost every person is fond of playing Cricket.

The work environment encompasses Highly secured Fortigate Firewall 300D, high configuration IBM servers, Aruba Wifi, Projectors, HD camera(Board room) and CCTV Camera for employee security.

New moms get 26 weeks off fully paid leave (adoptive parents get 12 weeks) as maternity leave. Paternity leave benefits of 5 working days can be availed by the new father.

Employees also report that they love the environment and morale they share with fellow employees.

With all of these benefits, employees actually find time to enjoy life outside of work with a balanced work-life culture.

"The culture is positive, advancement opportunity is everywhere, and the people you work with will challenge you to be better daily".

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