Girmiti Software provides a variety of business services that enable efficiency, increase performance and drive innovation to help organizations meet their business goals.

Business Consulting

Girmiti Software service offerings focuses on business consultancy & IT software services and solutions that enhances customer competitive advantage through added efficiency and effectiveness, to make innovation and virtualization strategies real. Consulting services team is comprised of experienced management consultants who speak the language of business in Payments, Mobile, Transit & Retail and IT, providing advisory services across our focused industry areas to help you create and drive your future business and IT strategies and agendas.

Technology Services

Our application development and systems integration services support customer to gain consulting and delivery expertise in both end-to-end systems integration and custom application development. Our technology services help you drive innovation and expand in new markets while reducing overall costs. Girmiti Software’s team has expertise in the areas of server team, Mobile team, POS team and Cloud to help in developing custom applications.

Quality and Performance

Designing and adhering to an ideal test process is a considerable challenge for most organizations. Because software testing is typically performed inconsistently across an organization and often takes a back seat to other IT priorities like development life cycle prior to software product launch or application delivery or Mobile applications and devices. Of late, a significant shift has taken place in IT circles, recognizing the strategic role that robust, mature SQA and testing functions play in delivering software quality, increasing customer satisfaction and achieving targeted cost savings. Ignoring it can also lead to potentially significant quality issues down the road.

We provide customer a long-term testing roadmap or detailed process improvements. Our proven methodologies, best practices can help build a testing capability which is the best suitable for customer business.

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