Chatak is an innovative next generation analysis and reporting solution for the cloud environment.

The solution is based on using Libraries and SDK to allow one to measure the usage of software services by Agents, Resellers, End Customer and other entities on a small and medium scale.

Girmiti Software is an implementation partner for Chatak and our team has expertise in understanding the cloud environment with respect to virtual machines, infrastructure for hosted application provided by multiple vendors who can utilize our solution to trace usage of 3rd party vendor systems.

Some of the software applications that can be supported are for the verticals including Finance, CRM, Retail, Hotel, Restaurants, Events, ERP and SCM.

Our team has expertise in customization, implementation, interfacing and testing of this platform to support all business entities, functionalities and to give benefits to the end users, partners and other users of software applications.

The solution can be implemented to support all systems by interfacing with the systems using web services or other means of integration to communicate and retrieve the information on specific Agents, Suppliers, Reseller, Partners, Entities and the end Customer.

The Chatak solution can provide high level information like the ones below to the users-

  • Dash Board

  • Registration

  • Agreements

  • Fees and Commissions

  • Pay and Use data

  • Configuration

  • Tracking

  • Tracing and Logging

  • Monitoring and Auditing

  • Verification

  • Discount and Rewards


  • Based on Java, J2EE Technology

  • Jboss, WebLogic, Web sphere, AS 400

  • HP, Windows, Unix, Linux

  • Oracle, SQL, My SQL

  • Mobile Web OS Android and iPhone using HTML5


openvz, XEN, Linux-VServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle Hypervisor, citrix-XenServer, REDHAT-KVM & SPICE, Ubuntu Cloud Server, Amazon EC2.


  • Deployment/Implementation

  • Customization

  • Integration with different systems

  • Integration with legacy applications

  • API generation

  • Wrapper to share to partners on how to integrate and use this tool

Multi-Security Level

  • Domain user mapping, Accounts/Products/Tags restrictions, field level rights for the users

  • Customizable User verifications

  • Enhanced data security

  • Restrict products by outlet

  • Manager approvals


Through Chatak, additional business benefits that can be realized are:

  • Increase profitability by raising performance and productivity

  • Manage multiple systems with pricing advantage

  • Increase customer satisfaction by gathering quick accurate and secure utilization of services

  • Track and understand customer requirements better


  • Usage of software with respect different applications

  • Performance

  • Analysis by hour, day, week

  • Monthly

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