Databases being a key component of any enterprise solution, correct configuration, migration, upgrades, monitoring and maintenance are key to ensure availability of the business applications that ride on the database.

Database services that are expected include:

  • Understanding the business application requirements, features and functionalities, migration plan, performance optimization

  • Sizing the database, data growth management

  • Data quality management

  • Technology selection and platform designing

  • Deployment of database systems, Administration and configuration

  • Performance optimization

  • Upgrades

  • Periodic performance monitoring, tuning

  • Database backup

  • Data cleansing

  • Data modeling

  • Data migration

  • Data archiving

  • Data mining

  • Data warehousing

  • Failover mechanism, Replica management High availability

  • Remote Database Management and Maintenance

  • Heterogeneous Data platforms designing, development, replication

  • Porting of applications into target DB

  • PL/SQL programming, performance improvements

Girmiti Software has a team of database experts with long years of experience who provide these services.

Our team expertise comes from enterprise scale implementation of Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, No SQL DB. We are familiar and use industry tools for configuring, managing and monitoring the databases and worked on ETL and ELT projects using tools such as Informatica, Data stage and ODI

We engage with our customers for DB related services as per their needs and at the stage they need our services for short and long term.

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