Databases being a key component of any enterprise solution, correct configuration, migration, upgrades, monitoring and maintenance are key to ensure availability of the business applications that ride on the database.

Girmiti brings the Data base expertise to provide end to end solutions and professionals. Girmiti Software offers cutting edge solutions, implementation and professionals services for all modern Database technologies & tools, help in handling huge data sets and recognizing patterns and trends within them. Girmiti Software is well equipped with skills and tools in action which are the key in the Data-driven industry. High demands in business functions and innovativeness depends on the data to drive the business functions of an organisation and ability to take quick decisions based on facts derived from collective data. Accessibility of data is the crucial factor to operate a aggressive business. Our Database Expertise services group is skilled in delivering diverse services across the technology ecosystems, involving RDBMS including.

SQL based database technologies

  • PostgreSQL & Components

  • MS SQL server & applications

  • MySQL Database & utilities

  • Snowflake Data Warehousing & Analytics

Also, expertise in NoSQL technologies like

  • MongoDB & Clustering

  • Cassandra & Clustering

  • Elasticsearch

  • HBase Data Store, Hadoop clusters

We practise delivery methodology with a blend of onsite and offshore resources exercising a full-bodied communication grid. Customers can successfully accomplish their IT budget and balance their project priorities by indicating the crucial services whenever needed, and for as long as essential.

Service Description

Our Database Services guarantees that customer data and databases are safeguarded and supervised by establishing High-Availability, backup and recovery measures, delivering secured database environments, and examining database performance as well. Database software support is available for all popular databases and releases.

Services provided include

  • Technology stack selection

  • Requirement analysis & design of databases

  • Initial database software installation in various environments

  • Data conversion/migration execution

  • Database upgrades/patching

  • Database security maintenance

  • Configuration & verification

  • Database High-Availability (business continuity), monitoring & management

  • Performance tuning & monitoring

  • Designing, executing Backup & Restore policies

  • Systematic treatment of Data at rest & Obsolete

  • Administration & monitoring

  • Database restoration

  • Administration of various DBA functions

  • Respond & resolve issues related to alerts and customer requirements

Our services involve implementation and maintaining of OLTP, OLAP and BI Analytics decision support to business. We migrate all range of databases from one platform to another with minimum downtime. Our expertise includes migration between all the popular database technologies.

We work effortlessly with our global customers in recognising, understanding the existing complications, bottlenecks, offer creative cost-effective solutions and services to most complex business requirements.

We engage with our customers for DB related services as per their needs and at the stage they need our services for long term.

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