Following are the specifications that need to be considered by the Acquirer / Processor during processing EMV transaction:

  • Process authorization response cryptogram data and EMV scripting data to the merchant POS

  • All devices and software must be certified by EMVCo and the payment brands before they can be used to process EMV transactions Payment acquirers must decide which readers, devices, and software applications to certify and deploy, based on their merchants’ needs

  • Processors will need to determine operating system support capabilities and certify with the payment brands Mobile device must be Level 1 or 2 certified Card Interface – Contact, Contactless, Mobile Wallet, Dual Interface Card Authentication

    • Online/Offline Transaction Authorization - Online/Offline Cardholder Verification

    • Signature, Online and Offline PIN, CDCVM, No CVM

Security for EMV Card Acceptance

  • Security related functions that need to be performed by an EMV chip card acquirer are

  • Establishment of a terminal risk policy and security requirements

  • Deployment of terminals to contracted merchants in accordance with the above policy and requirements

  • Distribution of payment system public keys into the terminal base

  • Processing of online authorization requests, including the transmission of all cryptograms and related data and scripts

  • Collation of transaction data and transmission for clearing and settlement

  • Management of the risk conditions relating to online/offline acceptance

  • Optional support of the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) process

  • Message & PIN Translation

  • Securing the confidentiality of online PIN

EMV Transaction Data Elements

Acquirers will need to support all mandatory and applicable data elements such as:

  • Field 55, Field 22, Field 23

  • Sequence Number if provided by the ICC to the terminal.

  • Field 40(not necessary for all payment brands) represents the service code and provides codes that increase the issuer’s flexibility in defining card acceptance parameters as well as provide acquirers with the ability to interpret card acceptance preferences

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