Technology innovations are happening every second with businesses trying to understand how to make the best use of them to service their partners and customers.

Before going to the market, businesses need a test bed where R & D can be done, and the solution are showcased and demonstrated.

Girmiti has innovation labs where for our customer’s we do R&D, build and set up technology solutions on Mobile, Wallet, HCE, NFC, Big Data and, IoT, Cloud for them to showcase.

We help our customer in setting up dedicated team to work closely with our customers product and innovation divisions.

We bring new ideas of handling and taking care of end to end responsibilities for implementation, including teams of Business Analysts, Product and Architecture teams who will be involved in making the platform to cater the end customer’s needs.

We set up dedicated lab and different space for our customers, where it might be near shore or offshore to help in implementing and transfer the complete solutions to customers.

Our innovation lab team has technology and domain experts with vast experience who can do quick turnaround to build POC and solutions based on our customer’s needs.

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