Performance is one of the most important aspects concerned with the quality of software in development life cycle. It indicates how well a software system or component meets its requirements for timeliness.

Performance testing can serve different purposes such as:

  • Demonstrate that the system meets performance criteria

  • Compare two systems to find which performs better

  • Utilize the maximum from the hardware resources

  • Measure what parts of the system or workload causes the system to perform badly

Performance testing is the process by which software is tested and tuned with the intent of realizing the required performance. This process aims to optimize the most important application performance trait, the customer experience.

As organizations continue to drive more customers to their applications, the increased traffic can push the application architecture's performance to limits. Performance issues are traditionally difficult to identify before an application is launched. When detected after launch, it often involves costly remedial work.

Slow performance is the main reason why users abandons a mobile application. Until recently however, the costs of testing mobile load capabilities have far outweighed the benefits - leaving developers guessing in terms of support for concurrent users, end user timing, download speeds and other performance criteria.

We adhere to the following model to cater to our client requirements as soon as we get any requirement:

We take an Approach of Business Needs, Critical Business Cases and KPI:

  • What would be the business hours during the day?

  • What is the peak load of the Application during business hours?

  • How many Transactions will happen per hour/day?

We gather requirements and generate a detailed test strategy. After the strategy has been approved by you, we then build the required performance testing framework inject load onto your system. following which we develop automated test scripts and scenarios and implement monitoring across your system servers and network. Then it’s time to conduct a series of performance tests against your system based on the agreed approach as defined with the test strategy.

During testing, we hold an open conference call with your key technicians involved in monitoring during testing. After a test is completed all monitored information is collated and correlated with user transaction response times.

We then conduct a detailed analysis of your system and provide a report, which also details suggested tuning changes. We make our reports as readable as possible ensuring that the information provided can be understood by people without a technical background. We also ensure that all the technical analysis is detailed within our test reports as evidence of issues and resolutions.

We baseline the approach, set expectations and start dialog with development team. The reports results are compared with expectations for the improvements.

Based on Performance Metrics and resolutions we conduct discussions and work with development teams to fix bottlenecks and re-measure.

Performance Metrics like response time, CPU utilization, DB connections, Slow APIs, Slow Queries, and memory usage generated by our Performance testing team helps the Management to take concrete decisions to improve the quality so that the client’s business is not affected.

For doing all this we use free tools like JMeter, which are currently the best in the industry and which also save you our client’s money by not spending on paid tool.

Testing is available outside of business hours to ensure that there is no disruption to your core business activities.

Our performance testing services has helped our clients reduce the risk of application/system failures and ensure that their systems operate seamlessly and consistently to meet client’s expectations.

We have developed, tested and deployed applications that serve thousands of users, performing millions of transactions that have been distributed over multiple locations.

We have well versed and experienced performance testing team to deliver what our clients require.

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