Girmiti Software’s team believes in continuous improvement in our processes.

Our process department and team are responsible for driving adherence to quality, improvement to process within Girmiti.

We have defined processes to follow and which helps us work closely with our customer and meet the goals.

At the same time, we are flexible to adopt our customer’s processes and follow them internally to have a unified and synchronized approach and this we have done when we have worked with customers and their end clients during implementation of solutions.

Our Quality Head, in collaboration with Project Heads, conducts continuous review and monitoring cycles to gauge project and company adherence to quality. We share the results of these activities based on our customer request to show case the processes followed, and improvements achieved to ensure that sure the quality has been maintained be it an onsite activity or offshore.

Girmiti Software has been appraised at level 3 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration and is in the process of Appraisal for level 5.


The software process group’s activities at our premises include involvement at various intersections of ongoing processes execution within the organization.

Project – The software process team is involved from project kick off until the project closure - defining, analyzing & maintaining adherence and Initiating continuous process improvement on various projects.

Our Software development and process management methodologies guarantee “Time”, “Services” and “Quality” delivery for clients worldwide.

The process management is carried in delivery, project, quality and security management measures activities that are undertaken by us.

The Process Management

Our methodology encompasses the complete Software Development Life Cycle including Scoping, Requirements, Architecture, Design, Development, Integration, Testing, Deployment and UAT. Additional services which are also covered are Support, Managing, Maintenance, Porting, Migration of legacy system and existing systems.

Our team focuses in the areas as mentioned above and are flexible to work on customer defined processes and to add on other areas where additional process management has to be brought in.

Compliance Benchmarks & Metrics

Our team follows the standards to work with our customers, internally and with their partners.

We adopt various process metrics within whose purview all operations are carried out and monitored.

These metrics are the benchmarks against which the software group team in collaboration with Project Heads conducts continuous review and monitoring cycles to gauge project goals and quality adherences.

Our team follows and have worked with standard processes and carry forward that experience to extend and include processes and compliances which are specific to domains and enable an organization to steadily improve its organization-wide software processes to reap continuous and lasting gains in software-process capability.

Audits & Reports

Our Audit team carries ample working experience in working in product, projects environments and other related services like development, migrations, integrations, testing and UAT to perform effective audits.

We conduct periodic Audits and publish corrective measures against process violations and which are over a period of time are used to streamline and bring process improvements within the organization.

Process Violation Analysis:

  • Review of work products - is not available/ Incomplete/Ineffective

  • Peer Reviews is not conducted

  • Unit testing is not conducted / Incomplete/Ineffective

  • Causal Analysis meet is not conducted due to non-availability of project matrices.

  • DP Meetings not held due to non-availability of metrics.

  • New technology has added without approval of TCM group.

Delivery Management

In addition to using the development, testing process supported by the Quality Management System, we offer flexible execution utilizing a blended outsourcing model supporting both offshore and onsite services.

One of the most important responsibilities of the Software process team is to make sure all processes within the organization are operative within the existing framework of defined process methodologies and adhere closely to benchmarked metrics in order to meet the quality and schedule requirements of the most demanding of customers.

To our clients, the Delivery Management measures adopted within Girmiti Software directly translate to cost controlled, highly transparent projects that are completed on Schedule with extremely Low Defect Rates.

We maintain a Risk Repository against which benchmark mitigation plans are drawn up both before and during the project duration and are been shared by the group defined and requested by customer, where our software process group will work directly and closely with customer on the need to basis.

Variance Analysis is conducted by software process team to gauge deviance from estimated effort and schedule after completion of every milestone of the project and if the customer has defined by tasks level then that will be taken care also based on variances of those.

Quality Management

To our clients, the quality measures adopted by us directly translate to Cost controlled, highly Transparent Projects that are completed on Schedule with extremely Low Defect Rates along with add on details with respect particular assignments.

Defect Analysis

Most defects are caused due to incorrect implementation and lack of knowledge, knowledge transfer and new tasks being added while implementation is ongoing. Action Step: Training / Skill Levels of the team needs to be strengthened with Hands-on Training with Presentations/ Sessions.

Less than 1/6th of the defects are identified prior to the Testing Phase

Action Step: Review Process needs to be enforced for:

  • Requirement

  • Design

  • Code

  • Static code analysis

  • Peer – Code and Testing

The above measures will help identify defects early and reduce re-work for resources leading to greater resource availability and overall utilization.

Security Management

A key inhibitor to India as a leading software outsourcing destination is concern over Intellectual Property Protection (IP). We address these concerns on a number of levels and throughout the company and adhere to the highest systems of security management.

With us, security is addressed on three levels:

Monitored Access to Operations Floor:

  • Individual card and PIN access for all employees

  • Restricted Access to specific areas such as server room

  • Hardware/software installation is strictly monitored

  • External storage devices are strictly forbidden

  • Individuals at Girmiti are encouraged to act with integrity and responsibility when it comes to IP protection.

  • We educate employees on Girmiti Software’s security compliances and Girmiti Software’s Change Management Policy.

  • We actively encourage IP protection is practiced and implemented.

  • All staff is subject to security background checks

  • Employees commit to IP protection

  • All employees, upon joining the company, compulsorily sign NDA agreements.

  • All employee sign specific NDA with respect to customer, if the customer has shared NDA to employees who are working on their projects.

  • All networks will be dedicated, and closed network will be formed for the team for particular customer

In addition to the above security measures, we work with customers to provide additional security where required.

We offer a range, adaptable to individual needs as below:

  • Basic Security: Controlled access throughout facility, firewall and anti-virus protection, regular backup and offsite storage, and non-use of portable media.

  • Enhanced Security: Virtual private networks between the customer and Girmiti networks and confidentiality agreements with each developer.

  • Advanced Security: Separate controlled access workspace, separate physical networks and additional background checks for each developer.

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