Our Domain Expertise

Girmiti Software group has deep payment domain expertise in following segments:

Banking & Financials

Above service firms are working aggressively to deliver higher performance, new solutions, approaches and seeking new growth opportunities by providing solutions through transforming IT requirements to become more adaptive & flexible, provide newer, easier and faster ways to meet customer needs.

Girmiti Software helps firms develop business software solutions that drive efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and virtualization. When customers work with us, they benefit from our deep domain technology expertise, compliance with regulations, IP protection, efficiency, security standards and build enhanced product features to support business and operations that are cost effective.


Shoppers are the heartbeat of any retail business, be it online, through mobile or at the store. It is no wonder that every segment is focusing on increased customer intimacy and channel expansion as key business drivers for the long term with futuristic roadmap with maximum benefits to leverage for the end customers either physically or through mobile commerce.

For Customers

Merchant gives the benefits to the customer to receive in-store specials or transfer coupons. Customers earn Loyalty Rewards and pay with a tap of their mobile phone or through QR code. Customers can bypass the queue and make payment at a tablet, computer, or turn themselves into micro-merchants and accept payments through their mobile phone. We help in enabling mobile payments and enriching retail experiences for consumers.

For Merchants and Agents

Sales representatives or merchants easily upsell and cross-sell with detailed customer history at the swipe of a finger and sign up consumers for loyalty programs and customize promotions. We help in enabling 2-way communication with a consumer's mobile phone by accepting the leading mobile wallets and making offers, coupons and promotions available at their fingertips anytime. We help in implementing for merchants, sales agents and for end customers to leverage all the benefits.

Each merchant has his own platform for agents, resellers, and distributor management for Retailing, Restaurants, Health, Pharma, Petro, Transit, and Telecom segments to utilize them through smart phones, tablets, mCommerce or Online.

Every merchant worldwide wants to embrace the latest mobile technologies to deliver rich, new shopping experiences and create new connections with their consumers and partners.

Our Mobile team focuses on developing solutions and capabilities in the mobile space using the latest technologies. Using the latest technologies. This research-oriented group works in close collaboration with our customers to help them offer innovative, end-to-end mobile solutions to help our partners to provide the solutions to their merchants and meet end customers’ needs.

We help our customers by taking care of their merchants mobile and web applications needs. We integrate them with next generation payments technology to bring new shopping and payment experience to consumers irrespective of verticals and in implementing the platform. We bring our expertise in developing digital wallets, enhance the customer experience by providing sales agents, resellers with options for retailing business software applications.

We deliver solutions for smartphones, tablets, wearables, computers and deliver powerful apps that will transform partners-merchant-consumer interaction.

Online Technologies

The winds of change are happening for online technology companies and e-commerce retailers. Today, the retailers are moving towards m-commerce to maximize their business and offer value added services to customers.

Connect consumers anywhere, anytime to the things they need and want with their mobile device or online to deliver a seamless mobile commerce experience with integrated applications.

It is better to understand what customers want and create a more personal buying & paying experience with intelligent solutions.

Girmiti Software has experience, skills and insights to help any technology project, whether it involves rapid product development, managing rich media, adopting social marketing & networking, creating custom apps, digital wallets, mPOS, mobile commerce platforms, driving user adoption & acceptance, driving customer loyalty, or protecting consumer privacy and user comfort.

This helps our customer to focus in analyzing the data and to be more competitive.

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