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A key factor that decides how well an athlete or sportsperson can perform is dependent on how well they can be trained. Off late there are many training techniques that are aerobic or cardio driven and could boost the fitness and performance levels of an athlete more effectively than using long drawn training methods. Such techniques are driven through scientific research in Sports Physiology discipline.

These fall under Sports and Fitness related domains and can be managed through new technologies to bring better benefits for the consumers – device and track better programs for health and fitness.

Event Management is another discipline which requires the organizers of the event to manage devices that are used for payments using prepaid cards, digital Prepaid cards, Digital wallet, online, wearable and window ticketing with support through backend systems.

Be this an assisted (by trainers) or unassisted program, software applications are now coming to fore which guide the sports person or a "non-sporty" person interested in maintaining fitness in an easy and simple manner.

Our team has good experience in developing such applications that involve Heart Rate Monitoring which is integrated with fitness equipment using Smart Phones, Tablets, and backend supporting server applications.

Key features of such an application are and which we have experience in building are as follows:

  • Member Management

  • Defining Workout Programs

  • Defining each individual members workout

  • Tracking the achievement of each workout

  • Driving and enhancing the workout based on previous performances

Some of the key features that we have developed in the event management for SmartPhone/Tablet are:

  • Event Publishing, Games Scheduling

  • Booking – online/ from phones

  • Tickets – game and season tickets – QR Code and NFC Tags

  • Ticket Purchase, Tokens – offline and online

  • Gate Passes, Betting

  • Membership Cards (soft card or physical)

  • Prepaid Cards for payment at stalls at the stadium and facilities

  • Display units for Referees, Players, Fans, Analysts, Commentators for history, statistics

  • Fee and commission management to the teams who are part of the events

  • Wi-Fi driven hotspots for quick access to information for fans to pull statistics and information on the event and the sportsperson

  • Integration with Payment Systems for payment processing

  • Interfaces with third-party peripherals and systems

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