Shoppers are the heartbeat of any retail business - either online, mobile or physically at the store. It is no wonder that retailers are focusing on increased customer intimacy and channel expansion as key business drivers for the long term with futuristic roadmap.


As with online and mobile banking, the retail industry is currently experiencing a revolution in the way customers are using phones, wearable to interact with business partners. While much of the focus and hype around mobile retail solution is in the area of mobile payments, digital wallets, NFC, IoT, wearable, communication with hardware devices, and Mobile Banking. Girmiti Software believes that the mobile channel can help the retail segments in more immediate and important ways of utilization in current trends.

Customer and Partner Demands

Most of all customer transactions at the point of sale are effectively anonymous, inhibiting a merchant’s ability to truly understand and maximize the value of their customers by enabling all channels. Girmiti helps our customers by providing value-added business solutions to approach the new demands to help in architecture, design, develop and implement mobile retail solutions for every retail assignment with the goal of creating a much deeper, actionable understanding of merchant’s customer solutions.

Increase Customer Loyalty and Rewards

Rewarding loyal customers is important. It needs to be done efficiently and cost-effectively to get maximum utilization benefits. While daily deals can drive new customers to a merchant, those same deals can also be wasted on deal-junkies (loyal only to the deal) and existing, loyal customers who were already coming to the merchants. Girmiti works with our customers to provide solutions meant for continuous improvement for long-term value merchant-customer base to ensure that the program is most impactful and provides cost-effective loyalty rewards.

Adding Customers

Adding customers cost-effectively, keeping growth in mind, flexibly is a critical job for every merchant. Daily deals, as noted above, can only do so much. Girmiti helps our customers to create compelling mobile retail solutions that attract high-value customers.

Girmiti helps our customers in implementing the following solutions and services:

Discount Stores

We can optimize your merchandising, increase supply chain efficiency, generate accurate product mix, forecast and improve service levels for maximum customer retention using the cutting-edge technologies like NFC, Mobile or online with interfacing with SCM, CRM & ERP products to trace and analyze all customer data, provide benefits and help ROI for merchants.

Department Stores

We help you meet changing consumer demands to overcome increased competition, demands of innovative, faster solutions, easier way of providing services, flexibility, scalability of complex supply chains. Our team has expertise in implementing merchandising solutions that include price optimization, category management, assortment planning, promotions, and marketing. This system can be built for merchants where customers can have access through mobile or through messages or advertisements through mobile, or online.

Groceries and Restaurants

Our team has the "know how" to optimize prices, provide intelligent inventory planning and implement high-powered POS systems that speed checkout and enhance the customer experience.


Combining top-notch business expertise with state-of-the-art technology, we can create custom solutions to complex challenges in supply chain management, merchandising, store management, eCommerce & mCommerce. These solutions are helpful for merchants and for the end customers to enjoy the user experience by using new generation technologies. It also aids to utilize the business apps, communicate with devices like readers, POS, using Wi-Fi, GPRS, NFC, QR, wearable, Bluetooth. Merchants also get to provide the facilities of Tablets and Mobile to their customers.

Our team implements online & offline inventory management systems, catalogs with product descriptions, warehouse traceability systems, and logistics. We are adept in integrating these systems with payments, terminal devices, online & payment schemes. These systems can acquire transactions physically or online and trace the products across with complete of ERP systems. In addition to this, we implement interfaces with shopping carts and payment methods for our customers on portal covers admin, merchants, resellers, agents and so on.

Apart from the above retail industry, our team has implemented related solutions in Health Care, Food Chains, Gas Stations, Sports Events and Insurance segments.

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