Girmiti Software team has expertise in developing core product for their customers and implement platforms that integrate partners, merchants, customers for stored value and mobile gifting solutions. As a technology solution partner at the core of digital Gift and Loyalty card, Girmiti helps you to develop custom applications that leverage gift card program in new ways to drive sales, grow the existing customer base to enable more options to purchase and create demands. This can be implemented through eCommerce, mCommerce, social media, promotional and B2B tools, and eGift Cards that are delivered through email, wearable devices and mobile devices using new generation digitalization technology.

This helps the end customers to leverage the add on facilities, access at store level, to get benefits from merchants and to get the user experience and benefits from platform which is built for our customers. Some of the major features involved while developing the system are Redeem, Reload, Refund, Activate, Deactivate, Inquire, Void, Force Auth.

Most of the companies presently are using physically printed vouchers or e-vouchers in retail, restaurants, travel vouchers, gift or coupons to reward their employees. These vouchers only exist in the form of a paper and makes them difficult to handle as printing, processing is time-consuming and become expensive to trace the records to update in systems. Moreover, there is the obvious ecological impact. These disadvantages can be overcome using an e-voucher form and also digital cards or QR based cards. We have used our experience in providing similar cards on Smartphones, wearables to use for payments by tapping or connecting with readers or hardware devices.

We bring the new generation solutions to use the platforms in cloud technology and interface with payment wallets. Our solution is flexible and is beneficial for Customer, Merchant and Voucher provider. Solution can be easily pluggable to developed solution and get the benefits of e-voucher platform. This covers wide range of input channels that are readily available in market.

Our team has expertise in building the platform on cutting-edge technologies to give benefits to our customer on ROI, compatibility, scalability, interfaces with external dependent solutions and systems.

Key Features

Girmiti 's team has vast experience in consulting, custom developing and supporting the Voucher platform for closed and open loop environments with best of breed Voucher platforms available in the market and for institutions with a rich set of features including:

  • Distribution of voucher in various forms

  • Printed, NFC, Bar code, QR code & SMS based vouchers using smart phones and wearable

  • Voucher Authenticity

  • Grouping, Reporting, Reconciliation, Notifications etc...

  • Interfaces with Payment wallets

  • Enable for hardware devices to issues digital gift cards

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