Our Telecom team focuses on consulting, developing solutions and capabilities in the mobile space. Using the latest technologies, this research-oriented group works in close collaboration with our customers to help them offer innovative, end-to-end solutions. We help telecom groups in providing solutions in SE TSM, digital Issuance, SE digital wallet, Applets, SMS, IVR, Top-up, Bill Payments, Loyalty, Utilities, Offers, interfaces with PTO, Discounts and build interfaces with third parties like Banks and PNO.

Our team carries the expertise in working with telecom vendors in helping them in developing business applications, supporting smartphones, service providers, help in certification in app stores in the business areas such as:

  • Digital Issuance

  • Digital wallet

  • Interfaces with Banks, Processors & PNO

  • Interfaces with transit (PTO)

  • Interfaces with OEM mobile manufactures

  • Advertisement, Marketing & communications

  • News & knowledge share

  • Payment Gateway

  • TMS

  • mPOS Kernel

  • Mobile SDK for Android, KaiOS

  • Interfaces with wearable

  • SMS gateway

  • Mobile top up, Utilities and interfaces

  • Voucher, Gift & Loyalty, Prepaid

  • Remittance

  • Operational Management

  • Applets

  • Porting, Testing, Automating & Certification

Our team has worked with our customers in the areas of helping and testing the devices with respect to network service providers globally. We have worked with all devices such as iPhone, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Ericson, Sony smartphones, etc. on Android, iOS, KaiOS, Windows, BB platforms and so on and helped in the certifications as well.

Our team has the capability to enable the same solution using mobile technology to support all the platforms and interface with backend systems.

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