Mobile number of a subscriber is now a unique identifier, and which can be used as a reference when transacting or for making payments.

One area where the Telco as Service Provider can play a role is to partner with various utility companies and enable the bills being paid through them as a value added service. The Telco essentially becomes an aggregator.

Some of these utility related services where payment can be channeled through the Telco and for the subscriber:

  • Post Paid, Data Services bills

  • Prepaid Top up

  • Value Add Services charges availed from Telco

  • Gas, Electricity, Water and Sewerage, Corporation/Municipality Taxes bills

  • Government Service taxes

  • Cable, Satellite TV services bills

  • Internet sites subscription charges

  • Interfaces with utility service providers

  • Interfaces with payment companies

  • Interfaces with PNO and Banks or processors

  • Interfaces with Payment gateways

Girmiti Software comes with experience in both Telco and payments and are the ideal partner to provide solutions which can bridge across the domains.

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