A Telecom company manages their customer accounts, provides services and bills/charges it to their customers. The Telecom would need to enable their customers to make payments against the bills and charges either online or directly from their mobile phone. This requires interfaces between the Telco and one or more Payment Gateways.

With our background in payments and understanding the Telco consumer bill/charges payment, we have been able to develop solutions for our customer covering:

  • Payment of postpaid bills through online with Payment Gateway interface and wallets

  • Topping up prepaid accounts and for making payment for any on the go and on demand value added services offered by Telecom companies through Payment Gateway and digital wallets and e commerce portals

  • Interfaces with multiple Payment Gateways and Coupon service providers for redemption against services availed at the telco by the customers

  • Online Merchant Kit integration with the Payment Gateway


Applications that are developed by the Telco to service the customers would need to be compatible and working on various platforms. Also before they are made available to the public, they would need to be certified by the mobile platform providers and the stores where they can be published for consumers to download and use.

Telco’s would need to integrate with payment service providers for them to process the payment against the bills/charges that their customers would need to make.

With vast experience in certifications of payments and mobile applications with host and other backend systems, we can work with the Telco’s for:

  • Certification of the Telecom apps with Play Store and iTunes

  • Integration and Certification of the Telco platform using SDK, Mobile SDK, Kernel SDK supports PNO’s, merchant kit with Payment Gateways

  • Certification of the mobile applications with the Telecom platforms – direct interfaces

We also have relevant experience to help our customers and partners to have the Payment Interfaces certified by Card Payment Schemes/PNOs, processors with respect to their business segments.

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