A Telco provider would be providing mobile applications to their consumers either as value add or apps which will allow them to manage the services offered by them. Application would need to be made available for various mobile platforms – iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

With close to a decade of experience in developing mobile applications across various platform, we are well suited to:

  • Design, develop, maintain Apps from the Telco

  • Integration to the payment library, TSM and HCE

  • Publishing of the Apps from Telecom to the stores

  • Certification of the Telco applications and make ready for Play Store and iTunes


Telco’s continues to provide applications which are on the UICC or the SIM for their consumers. This gives them control, security of the applications which are created for providing essential services to their customers and quickly. Such applications are deployed as applets onto the UICC.

With our strong Javacard and mobile development experience, we have good understanding of the applet development and have worked with Telco’s to -

  • Design develop Applets for the UICC/SIM card - settings, profiles and access to services offered by the Telecom

  • Implement per the Global Platform specifications

  • Implement Security of the Applets

  • Integrate Wallet application with access to the applets.

  • Develop PNO specification applets to acceptance of partner apps

  • Applet development and certification with PNO

  • PTO applet development

  • Kernel Applets

  • SDK Application to support Android, KaiOS, and other OSes

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