With the present market dynamics slowly, but surely moving aggressively towards contactless payments especially through NFC technology, QR and other, Financial Institutions, Telecom, Payment companies, retailers, transit should, if not already done so, be ready to provide their customers, partners an option to transact using this technology.

NFC wallet is a mobile Digital wallet that supports business applications with communications using secured devices that use a special chip on the smart phone called Secure Element (SE). With the advantages of Secure Element in NFC Chip, wallet can store credit/debit cards, access cards, coupons, loyalty cards, prepaid cards, voucher, tickets and many other contents in the same wallet and manage them. This type of wallet requires the consumer to log in to the app, using perhaps a secure PIN or password. For the cardholder and the merchant, this is like how EMV PIN codes work. The wallet app can then be used for proximity "contactless" interaction with nearby contactless terminals, transport gates or other NFC devices. These solutions have been implemented by 3rd party payment partners, Telco’s and Banks as extensions of their existing solutions to their customers, partners and consumers and which We are equipped to implement the same. Digital wallet is flexible enough to adopt easily in current existing business environment, if a bank or any other service provider wants to have a wallet, we can design, develop, integrate to service providers using the Global Platform specified interfaces.

We at Girmiti take pride in the team that we have built and have implemented platform and the same has been enhanced and integrated with Banks, Telecoms, Retailers and payment companies. The mobile group helps our customer to build and interface with backend systems to provide complete solutions for mobile payment or banking and are involved in build and deployments, testing, certifications and UAT with customers across regions. This has given us vast experience in developing the NFC Wallet for platforms including iPhone (iCarte), Android, KaiOS, and Blackberry. We are one of the innovative technology companies with domain team who have been helping partners, Financial Institutions to enable their next generation customer offerings.

We have expertise to provide consultancy solutions, in the areas of Prepaid, Credit Debit, Gift and Loyalty card for verticals such as Retail, Banks, Health, Insurance, Sports Events, Restaurants, Food Chains, Gas Stations and Hospitals.

Girmiti Software’s team has vast experience in consulting, architecture, designing, developing, testing and supporting the NFC wallet with the key features covering -

  • Support for multiple smartphone

    • Blackberry

    • Android

    • iOS

    • J2ME

    • Windows

    • HTML 5

    • KaiOS

  • Support for multiple Secure Element types

    • Embedded – Blackberry, Android, Windows devices

    • UICC – Blackberry, Android

    • Secure Memory Devices – iOS, Blackberry, Android

    • Bluetooth sticker – Blackberry, iOS, Android, Low end J2ME devices

    • Wearable Devices

    • Add on sleeves – iOS

  • Support for different types of business content cards

    • Credit, Debit

    • Access, Tickets

    • Prepaid and Loyalty cards

    • Gift Cards

    • Voucher, Coupons etc…

NFC Contactless, Mobile

  • Contactless Reader Development and Certification - PayPass, PayWave, MDES, VTS etc.

  • Architecture, Design, Development of Wallet Library, SDK, middleware platform, customization to support UI and interchange of various Bank specification requirements

  • Wallet Application support for various smartphones, supporting leading TSMs, SD Cards and Contactless Sleeves

  • Various types of App development for Contactless Payment, Ticketing, Loyalty, mobile commerce, P2P, Store-discount promotion, QR Code, URI, Push messaging, Binary SMS

  • Features like Card download though OTA services of TSM, activation, upgrade, secure-element interaction, PIN management

  • Integration with Host NFC services to support Global platform protocols, Applets (Java Card) protocols support

  • Micro-SD embedded secure element, with JSR protocols, NDEF, DesFire, contactless

  • Wallet Services and Connector integration with Banks (based on ISO-8583, APACs protocols)

  • Interfaces with WBC, Open source, working with 3rd party’s lab to test, certify the security of the platform, PCI compliance and follow the payment standard

Our team has developed and supported the following for some of the pioneering NFC technology companies worldwide:

  • MMPP, VMPA credit card wallets for multiple banks

  • MCHIP Prepaid NFC Wallet for retail payments and transport industry in closed loop

  • Prepaid Digital Wallet for a large global financial group

  • Digital Wallet based Loyalty Points and Coupons in closed loop

  • Digital Wallet integrated with Location Based Services

  • TSM server wallet, remote administrative commands for locking lost or stolen devices, push remote contents

  • Using Location based information, Server can push dynamic data based on location, choice and time

  • Wallets supporting GP specification Ram-over-http, or which be quickly pluggable to proprietary interfaces

  • Interfaces with Tokenization Server

  • Interfaces with HCE cloud

  • Interface with MDES and VTS

  • Interfaces with SP TSM and Issuance platform

Our experience and expertise also extend to interfacing the Digital Wallet with established TSM applications for its complete life cycle management.

Our team has worked and implemented on the standards of ISO 14443, ISO 7816, NDEF, GP Card Spec, GP Messaging, ETSI, GSM Specifications for our customers and their partners along with interfacing our customer patents to help them in complete Digital issuance and wallet solutions of their business

We also have relevant experience to help our customers and partners to have the Digital Wallet Solutions certified by Card Payment Schemes/PNOs, processors with respect to their business segments. Our Team helps and works closely with our customers to understand the existing scope, current business scenarios, flows of the existing systems, to provide the consulting solutions to Build, Architect, Enhance Features, Design, Develop, Test, Automate, Deploy, UAT.

We enable the new generation trends in providing solutions and services in Cloud and IoT.

We bring deep knowledge and experience in Payment solutions for Supporting 24/7, SLAs (DevOps and SysOps), maintaining and managing existing system for our customer and their partners.

Our technology team brings the expertise in solutioning and professional services to work in new generation modular architecture, micro services, cloud enabled, APIs, secured mechanism, token-based authentication, internationalization, two-way SSL, Certificates, Securing Sensitive Data, OWASP, Database Encryption.

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