Currently, a consumer mobile phone cannot communicate with the standard POS terminal at the merchant location. This can be overcome if the mobile phone through GPRS/NFC and BLE technology can connect to the POS terminal, pass on the card information stored on it to the POS terminal.

An adapter must be built and connected to the POS terminal and on the mobile side the application should be able to use the GPRS/NFC/BLW mode to establish connection with the POS terminal and transmit card information to the POS terminal.

Girmiti Software has the vast experience in developing such innovative solutions for the POS and Mobile where a mCommerce type of transaction can be done at the POS terminal.

Few of the features that are implemented for our customers are as follows:

  • Inbuilt Risk & FraudTransactions

  • EMV & Non EMVPayment Methods

  • NFC, HCE, BLE, Wi-Fi, QR,Bar code,

  • Split PaymentsCr/Db, Prepaid, Coupons,

  • Wallet, Gift, Loyalty

  • API for- Gateways, Banks, Processors & 3rd Parties Channels

  • Audio Jack, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,Android, Windows, BBAPI for 3rd Parties


SDK provides integration with Gateway and TMS, Integration with TMS is for all the parameter initialization, application installation/upgradation and remote management. Payment gateway integration allows to process the transactions online.

EMV L2 Kernel enables a card acceptance on smart phones to process EMV transactions

Enables Smart phone or POS application to support EMV transactions from Discover/ Visa/ MasterCard or closed loop.

  • Library is fully compliant with the EMV standard specifications.

  • EMV Kernel supports VISA and MasterCard contactless cards as per the specifications

  • Library provides set of APIs, the target POS application to use to perform EMV transaction.

  • Features provided by L2 Kernel Library

  • Various Application Selection schemes such as PSE, PPSE, AID or partial AID selections.

  • Data Authentication methods

  • Support of CVM methods

  • Risk Management features like Floor limit, Velocity Check, Random online transaction

  • Terminal Action analysis with terminal action codes

  • Provides options for easy configuration of parameters - Terminal capabilities, Additional terminal capabilities and Terminal type

  • EMV Kernel can be implemented based on EMV Contactless specification

Kernel Features

Functionality of the kernel level APIs are as follows:

  • Application Selection

  • Final Selection

  • Get processing options

  • READ RECORD Command-Response APDUs

  • Processing Restrictions

  • Cardholder Verification & CVM Processing Logic

  • Terminal Risk Management (Floor Limits, Random Transaction Selection, Velocity Checking)

  • GET DATA Command-Response APDUs

  • VERIFY Command-Response APDUs


  • Data Authentication (SDA/DDA/CDA)

  • Combined DDA/Application Cryptogram Generation (CDA

  • Kernel DB

  • Diagnostic report

  • Online result processing

  • Issuer script processing

Kernel APIs

  • Application Selection

  • Initiate App Processing

  • Read Application

  • Offline Authentication

  • Process Restrictions

  • Card Holder Verification

  • Terminal Risk Management

  • Terminal Card Action Analysis

  • Host Processing

  • Parameter functions

  • Call-back APIs

  • Kernel Configurations

L3 Applications

L3 application is Payment Application which enables merchants to accept the transactions. The application covers the features of credit and debit, where this will be interfaced with kernel and payment gateway or any of the processors to certify the PNO transactions. L3 applications can be developed on Android devices.

The following are the features list which covers the high level for Merchants:

  • User Management

  • Payment Options

    • NFC Mobile Wallet

    • QR Code Based Payment

    • Physical Cards

  • Transaction

    • Sale

    • Balance Inquiry

    • Sale with TIP

    • Refund

    • Pre Authorization

    • Pre Authorization Completion

    • Cashback

    • Reconciliation

  • Setting

  • Help

  • History

  • About

  • Logout

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