The winds of change are happening for online technology companies and eCommerce industry. Today, the retailers are moving towards mCommerce to maximize their business and offer value adds to customers and partners.

We help in implementing for our customers a variety of mobile payment options, wireless point-of-sale Mobile, terminals, readers, tags and other mobile commerce solutions to create simple, secure and convenient experience—including the new wallets in market.

We help our customers in implementing the white label platform to cater to all our customer solutions and understand our customer business problems and help them in the areas like:

  • Connect consumers anywhere, anytime to the things they need and want with their mobile device.

  • Increase the safety of doing business on mobile devices with a secure infrastructure.

  • Deliver a seamless mobile commerce experience with integrated applications.

  • Interfaces with payment gateways and interfaces with banks or processor

  • Interfaces with PNO to support all types of payment schemes and closed loop

  • Better understand what customers want and create a more personal buying experience with intelligent solutions.

When it comes to differentiating your financial institution, mobile payment solutions can give you the edge over your competitors. Girmiti Software takes the lead where in-store commerce, eCommerce and mobile commerce converge to provide consumers with an integrated buying experience that is personalized, secure, and all available through their smart phones for our customers to serve to their channel partners and their end customers.

Business integrated applications deliver a seamless experience across channels and functions for mobile commerce.

Apart from that, we help our customers in implementing intelligence tools that provide valuable data to drive new levels targeting, personalization and measurement through mobile wallets to surpass consumer expectations.

Product development and engineering cycles are shrinking from months to weeks to days. At the same time, content demands, application features, and user experience requirements are exploding as delivery channels multiply. At the same time, social media, online trust, safety, and dynamic competition are making customer relationship management increasingly complex.

Girmiti has experience, skills and insights to help any technology project, whether it involves rapid product development for our customers, managing rich media, adopting social marketing & network, creating custom mobile platforms, driving user adoption, acceptance, converting into customer loyalty, or protecting consumer privacy and user comfortability.

Our experts have worked on creating new products, developing new applications, enhancing existing features, and rolling out new services to our customers business needs. Our experience brings a rich perspective and a fine-grained understanding of the product development demands and operational challenges facing E & M-businesses.

Now that mobiles phones have become ubiquitous and are in use by every strata of the society, the applications that are developed for them have become a necessity to enable the consumer to view and exchange information, transact on the move. These applications when provided can become a game changer with which it brings customer satisfaction, reduces operational costs and real time processing.

The mobile commerce applications which would become a given and expected by the customers include the following:

  • Balance Enquiry on Accounts

  • Transaction Enquiry

  • Transfer Funds to other or Own/Contact’s account – Person to Person Payment/ Person to merchant

  • Low ticket payments including public conveyance

  • Pay Merchants for merchandise/services

  • Request for a Cheque/DD to be issued

  • Wallet interfaces & Payment certifications

  • Utility Bill Payments – Power, Water, Mobile Bills etc.

  • Online purchase

  • Online purchase with payment methods

Keeping in mind the wide range of platforms and mobile handset manufacturers, it is important that an organization which provides these services should plan and develop the required applications for all key platforms such Android, iPhone and Blackberry. We help our customers in implementing cloud-based solutions to provide the facilities for their customers and partners.

Girmiti understands the above market requirement quite well and has built a strong mobile development team with experience across all current, future platforms and technologies. The team is also well prepared to develop all required interfaces to interact with various backend host systems and where required can design and develop such interfaces.

Our Team helps and works closely with our customers to understand the existing scope, current business scenarios, flows of the existing systems, to provide the consulting solutions to Build, Architect, Enhance Features, Design, Develop, Test, Automate, Deploy, UAT.

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