Evolution of mobile smartphones enabled with NFC is creating exciting and emerging solutions in the areas of access, identification tracking in Corporate Campuses Offices, Retail, Restaurants, Healthcare and Insurance.

Secure and individual information related to Employee, Contract Staff are stored on NFC tag and distributed. NFC readers are placed at key locations which, when NFC tag is tapped on allow access, block the facilities and services in and around the office to manage and monitor the facilities and controlling the systems.

These facilities can be utilized for Passport, PAN, National Identity cards to access and identify whether the person is within the country or outside of the country on the basis of the systems deployed and this can be used in any of the environments like Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Corporates and so on.

From the moment an employee enters the office, the following features related to Identification & Access can be done using NFC technology:

  • Attendance and In/Out time tracking

  • Access to campus and facilities post identification

  • Booking of conference/discussion rooms

  • Access to reserved conference and discussion rooms post identification

  • Access to Data Centre and restricted locations

  • Tracking of employee movement during the day while the employee is moving and accessing various facilities in the campus/office

  • The NFC Tag for Access & Identification-

  • Provides better, faster and more efficient access to e-services

  • Safeguards privacy and prevents fraud by using secure technologies to protect personal data

  • Improves mobility by implementing widely accepted and interoperable identity credentials

  • Interfaces with Digital Wallet, Issuance, PG for more secured identification and verification of transactions

Enables a wide range of use cases across logical and physical domains, including use for authentication, Digital signatures, and encryption.

Establishes trust for the issuer as well as the credential holder.

We bring deep knowledge and experience in Payment solutions for Supporting 24/7, SLAs (DevOps and SysOps), maintaining and managing existing system for our customer and their partners.

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