The concept of Operation systems is vastly to identify solution which shall be utilized by the merchants, Agents to enable them to accept and consume transactions with their respective end users. These solutions are developed considering the purpose of use, user friendly approach and benefits.

Key features that are available to a Banks/Financial Institutions and their partner are-

Banks/Financial Institutions
The entity titled ‘Bank’ refers to the entity that is the originator of the collection request. The Collection Management System allows Bank Create/Edit/Delete , Creating Product master, mapping the Bank to the customer segmentation, DPD bucket, Value bucket, NPA, Template document and Create/Delete PCDVN.

Partner Agencies
The entity titled “Agency” refers to the organization that executes contracts with Banks to perform collections on behalf of the Bank by interacting with the loan taker/cardholders.

The Collection Management System allows Agency Create/Search/Edit/Delete use cases and mapping the Bank agency PCDVN mapping, tracking and maintaining of specific case, follow up, re-assignment of case, escalations and legal case filing.

  • User registration with register mobile number and email id, User login using PIN and OTP

  • Supports front end channels like online portal, POS devices, android devices application which will be developed for merchants, agents, banks and so on

  • This above features helps the processors and banks can consumer support from agents or 3rd party agencies to collect amount from consumers using credit cards, debit cards or cheques or online payments.

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