For the government and private services companies who help in reducing the violation of the implemented laws and systems through better tracking, where the government entities outsource to the 3rd party entities to help in developing the Platform/Application for registered user to file offence/Challan on Traffic Violation, Passenger Violation in Air, Rail, Hospitals, healthcare, parking and Road transportation

Our team has experience in consulting our customers in this business by architecting, designing, developing solutions for Smart Phones, OEM devices like Android and Linux and Tablets etc with customer's proprietary SDK. With Linux, Windows or Android, KaiOS, iOS, react operating systems.

Our team has good experience in developing such applications that involve receipt creation, generation, payment based on the receipt using Smart Phones, Tablets, and backend supporting server applications along with connecting with TMS and merchant systems. Girmiti supports the customer with play store and app store application hosting.

Some of the key features in the EChallan for OEM Devices are

  • User registration with register mobile number and email id, User login using PIN and OTP

  • Generation of the Challan receipt using consumers id such as Driving License, Vehicle Registration card, PAN, Aadhaar, SSN, Passport, Tax id, Biometric identification, facial recognition and so on.

  • Collection of the payment using debit cards, Credit cards, QR code with both contact and contactless modes

  • Option for the application user to generate end of the reconciliation report based on the Challan & Transaction types

  • Option to generate the batch for unsettled transactions

  • Ability to expose APIs and intake APIs from the government servers

  • Ability to fetch consumer information, past records, and fine details from the centralized government servers

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