One of the means to drive sales is build a strong referral program for Customers and do viral marketing.

This involves the process of onboarding Merchants, creating promotions for the end users, option to refer merchant, distributors, sales agent, consumer on the system, providing promotional offers, vouchers, coupons, points to the entities which can be utilized within the merchant system.

Our team has experience in consulting customers in this business by architecting, developing related applications that onboard merchant, consumers, other partners, creating promotions, and referral programs, redemption options using portal, device,, and backend supporting server applications.

Some of the key features of Merchant Promotion and Referral Solution are:

  • Onboard merchants, verify KYC and validate the details

  • Onboard other entities such as consumers, distributors, & agents, verify their respective KYC and validate their details

  • Options for merchants to create promotions for the entities to use the offers created under the promotions to redeem/purchase goods, items, food within the merchant system

  • Ability for any entities to share the promotions to another entities which can be redeemed within the system

  • Authenticate the promotional transaction with merchant PIN or OTP

  • View the transactional details day, week, month and year wise

  • View the transactional details based on transaction and entity type

  • Generate reconciliation report and settlement with the respective 3rd entities in any

  • Expose and intake APIs for all transactions

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