Girmiti Bridge the gap between Development and IT Operation teams with proven DevOps practises

Scale up software development with DevOps Solutions

DevOps services are provided to our multiple customers as improvised in nature of the support and continuously evolving, thus carry rich experience seamlessly integrating the product development and IT.

Developer can spend more time on their code that matters than the tasks that slow down the developers.

DevOps services includes the automation of the entire DevOps pipeline in deployment process, that is- Plan, Code, Build, Deploy, and Monitor & operate for the application deployment from development to production environment thus streamlining the deployment in the development cycle.

DevOps approach is quick and efficient, based on agile methodologies and aimed at continuous delivery.

DevOps experts seamlessly narrow down the gaps between IT and delivery teams with effective communication.

Industry standard tools such as Bitbucket, GitHub, Jenkins, Jira, Multi Cloud, Open source, automation scripting are leveraged more to streamline product development with automation.

Girmiti uses Development Application control methods and flow model to streamline security in the product development and releases.

Girmiti teams monitor development processes and IT systems and help build long-term improvement strategies.

Infrastructure location, hardware, software, setup and data compliances, educated and checked along with our partners

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