Our experienced Integrates the configuration management tools like Bitbucket, Jira, Bamboo, Jenkins, Redmine, Slack, Build Pipelines, SonarQube, Maven, Gradle to manage the releases and track the code changes, continuous Build, Test, Quality Check, Deployment and delivery and generate reports and records the information.

Version Management

  • Semantic versioning pattern on all the platform applications

  • Version should have 3 Number for ex: 1.0.0, across all the platform

  • Given the above numbers are MAJOR, MINOR, PATCH., increment the:

  • MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes,

    • MINOR version when you add functionality in a backwards-compatible manner, and

    • PATCH version when you make backwards-compatible bug fixes

Continuous Delivery

To achieve the customer business goals, move faster to the Market, Higher Quality, Skilled Teams.

We take the continuous feedback cycle, automate and Measure and Learn.

To establish the process and optimize the CI/CD development model for need to build an effective pipeline to automate their build, integration and testing and deployment processes. CodePipeline or Jenkins BlueOcen or Bamboo Build Stage are using for Continuous delivery process.

Build Pipeline is a continuous delivery service for fast and reliable application updates.”


Service Level Agreements

  • Service levels, Requirements and Responsibilities of all the providers are defined and agreed across all stakeholders.

  • Escalation Matrix of all providers

  • Infra Uptime, Software Incident, Hosting Incident / Non-Code-fix Response and resolution timelines

  • Performance SLA

  • Ticketing Reporting/tracking Process

  • Team Compositions based on the contractual agreements

  • KPI Reports

    • Service Level Performance: This report will capture the conformance to SLA for each category

    • Service Incident report: This report will capture incidents per severity for a specified duration

    • Problem report: This report will capture the root cause analysis of critical and major severity incidents

    • Service up-time report: This report will capture the service up-time daily for a specified duration

    • Cloud Infra Provider incidents report: This report will capture all incidents pertaining to Cloud Infra Provider for a specified duration

    • Asset Management report (for the Cloud Infra Provider account shared by Customer): This report will capture the utilization of Cloud infra, and the cost associated with it

    • Define Governance team to control and oversee the process defined

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