DevOps regular compliance is integral part of the software development lifecycle and bridging the gap between development and operation teams and we involve all the teams to check every task performed which is in line with organisation’s compliance framework.

Regulatory intelligence

We understand the compliance concerns for DevOps and hence we design to include them in the DevOps automation practices which aids dev team to check application before release to QA, Test and Operation teams by automating test cases, Deployment and configurations and performance check thus consistency in executions.

Compliance design

Through effective DevOps toolsets usage, we ensure that the automation workflow and development controls and verifications aspects on each development to production lifecycle are addressed.

Compliance audits and surveys

DevOps Team and CI/CD Pipeline have defined audits for Code access, Code development, Test and Deployment, to the need to have awareness on compliance challenges to be met within relevant those environments.

Reporting and metrics

As DevOps compliance calls for involving audit across all stages of CI/CD Pipeline with regular monitoring of whether it is meeting compliances. This activity help in easily identifying the problematic area and provide fast feedback and report with key metrics on only-compliance related data and security defeats that include test coverage, MTTR, Vulnerability patching frequency.

Information security

Regulatory compliance is mandatory in regulated industries like Healthcare, Banking and Finance. DevOps like automation and validation actually provide in-depth audit and change information to satisfy audit and regulatory compliance needs. Compliance governance is also addressed in DevOps by advocating processes for creating, communicating, and enforcing policies which also includes security and compliance policies across an organization. DevOps actually complements existing processes and methodologies such as ITIL & Agile which help organizations to be compliant.


Regulatory compliance mandates vary by country and every country will have regulatory auditors from regulatory bodies for both government and public sector. MeitY in India defines standards, Policies, Audit, Guidelines, certifies and best practices for the primary infrastructure and disaster recovery. MeitY/DeitY expects Host and allied infrastructure to comply with PCI DSS /PA DSS requirements and yearly certification to be carried out thru CERT_IN certified agencies.

DevOps practices infrastructure automation as code (IAC) with security by safely execute at the backend and automate the scans critical information required from secure service store and Identity Access Methods without manual feed and use of keys with multi authentication mechanism for resources access.

Application Delivery Control - Load balancing and Web Application Firewall

DevOps adopts various tools including native on public and private network, nGinx, HAProxy, Application Delivery Control (ADC), Application Load Balancer (ALB) with WAF to learn incoming application access pattern, control the rest and allow relevant traffic to pass through the application

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