We have experience in development of Issuance, Tokenization system and understand the integration requirements with the Cloud HCE.

The Cloud HCE solution will need to be certified with the Payment Schemes, Issuance system, Tokenization system that it needs to integrate with.

Any Mobile Payment Platform which integrates with the Cloud HCE will need to be certified with it to ensure compatibility and is working as per the integration specifications.

Certification for HCE involves Security Review from a assigned lab and Functional certifications.

Certification Process involves the following steps-

TR-TSP/ Wallet Server Integration & Qualification

  • Branding compliance

  • E2E API integration testing (Mobile Wallet, eSE/UICC/Wearable, Mobile Wallet Platform, etc.)

  • Use case testing

  • Final UAT

PCI Certification

  • Assessment

  • Remediate

  • Report

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