Girmiti Software has expertise in consulting, designing, developing EMV PoS applications and SDK platform for terminal manufacturers. We also help them in getting certified with host and leverage expertise in porting the SDK to new versions and new platforms like Linux OS. Our experience extends to working on drivers, embedded devices through working closely with Hardware manufactures.

Our expertise in areas of testing, scripting on devices, platforms to test, help customer products to be certified and successfully complete UAT with 3rd party vendors.

Our Team designed, developed and provided support for PoS applications on different terminal SDK platforms based on business requirements from different regional customers (APAC, EMEA, Canada, America).

Our team carries expertise for development and certification on Terminals and SDK including –

  • VeriFone (Verix, Verix-V, eVo, Nurit-Lipman, Mx, Gemalto - Magic SDK)

  • Hypercom (Optimum series ODT, Thales)

  • PAX (Proteus platform)

  • Ingenico (Inge-platform and Telium iCT series)

  • Geodesic (Geo-Amida SDK)

  • ExadiGm

  • Geodesik

  • ATOS

Our team carries deep expertise in domain protocols, technology and supporting tools that enable us to provide the required certification services -

  • ISO-8583 / APACS protocol

  • TMS Support (VeriCentre, Inge-state, Term-master)

  • Multi-Application (VMAC, App-Manager) compatibility

  • Card Layout preparation & security

  • Various communication support to the Host (PSTN / Dial-up - NAC, RAS, CDMA, IP / Ethernet, GPRS,), etc

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