A device has to be tested according to detailed protocols and has to comply with specifications. Certification enables manufacturers to establish their product in the market with the help of our top-notch testing process.

We develop and perform contactless L2 certification for Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex. We have expertise in EMV, L2 testing and POS analysts who will run the certification process.

We also perform L3 certification on credit/debit applications for Mastercard (MTIP, PayPass), VISA (ADVT, VPTT, and CDET), AMEX (ExpressPay, AEIPS), Rupay, JCB, Diners (D-PAS CT&CTLS), Discover (CT&CTLS) and UnionPay (QuickPass & CT) schemes.

We provide the increasing likelihood that the product will interoperate with other NFC Certified Devices for our customers.

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