The Prepaid cards, either as closed-loop or open-loop, are finding their niche and acceptance as a mode of payment in the retail payment space. Prepaid has its own set of requirements over and above the regular card issuance in that it addresses different set of use case scenarios such as a Travel, Events and Entertainment Card for Corporates, Payroll Card, Campus Card, Health, Transit, Sports, Telecom, Insurance and Public Conveyance Payments either as contact or contactless. The same next generation solutions are making it easier for the partner to leverage and address their customers’ needs and to make it more comfortable by using safe, secured smart phones to get the cards on the mobile, wearables and leverage the services either by physical contact, contactless cards, and Digital Wallet.

Our team has in-depth understanding and on-field experience in business scoping, conceptualizing, architecture, developing, automating, maintaining and supporting various facets of a Prepaid Platform. We help our customers in developing the customized core platform, deploy and implement for their partners along with integration to third parties and serve their end customers to leverage their facilities by adopting new market offers - loyalty points and gifts cards.

Girmiti Software team has experience in the Digital Prepaid for closed and open loop environments with in-depth understanding of implementing features such as -

  • Customer KYC and Account Management

  • Agent and Distribution Management

  • Card Creation, Maintenance, Welcome Kits

  • Card Inventory Management – including at the Agents/Resellers/Merchant locations

  • Card Account Funding at retail merchant locations and online from banking accounts

  • Programs, Fee, Cashflow Management

  • Support for VISA, MasterCard and Discover

  • Transfer funds

  • Multi Language support

  • MCC based transaction processing

  • Online Authorizations, Settlement and Reconciliation

  • Portals for Merchants, Administrators, Agents & Resellers

  • Digital Enablement for Smartphones and Wearables

  • Interfaces with Wallet

  • Interfaces with Switch

  • Interfaces with Card manufacture

  • Interfaces with Payment Network to support all payment schemes

  • Interfaces with Billing systems & Utilities

  • Interfaces with Retail, Transit, banking & healthcare to support payment

  • Interfaces with Loyalty

  • Interfaces with Acquiring

  • Interfaces with HCE

We also have relevant experience to help our customers and partners to have the Digital Prepaid Issuance Platform certified by Card Payment Schemes/PNOs, processors with respect to their business segments.

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