Dynamic currency conversion feature allows the consumer to make a terminal purchases at a foreign country currency using your home country currency. DCC Integrates with external DCC service provider, Enhance Acquirer Interfaces (Payment scheme) to support multi-currency.


Girmiti has expertise in developing DCC solution for POS devices. We help our customers in developing, deploying, automating and implementing the core platform for their partners along with customization and integration to third parties to help certify with payment gateway and issuers.

Key features of the DCC solution are:

  • Exchange rate transaction support and interface

  • BIN range download transactions

  • Transactions with DCC

  • DCC Computation at the PoS device based on the BIN and Exchange rate

  • Integration of Normal Cr / Db PoS app with Peripheral Pad device which performs DCC computation, DCC choice display and signature capture

  • DCC query with Acquirer interface and perform DCC transaction as part of multiple (request and response) legs services

We also have relevant experience to help our customers and partners to have the DCC device and Web solution certified by Card Payment Schemes/PNOs, processors with respect to their business segments..

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