We help our customers in using Cloud environment wherein their users, agents, distributors and partners will allow the customers to digitize the Health Card using the Health Application remotely over the air and using QR technology and using the new trends -handheld devices to wearable devices. We enable IoT solutions for our customers and their partners.

The end customers can leverage and benefit from Cloud based health application issued operated by multiple government, hospitals, state/federal governments or third party certified companies. Our team expertise covers understanding and implementing the following key features of a Digital health application System.

  • Health Application shall be used by end consumer, hospitals/clinics, government health departments to add and issue health card in the application, request for consultation, view past medical records and also to produce it for medical validation.

  • Similarly, Medical practitioners shall use the Health Application to add and update the doctors’ details within the clinic/hospital/health facilities and also to create/add/update the offered treatments and consultation which the clinics and hospitals undertake. Also practitioners shall access past records of the patient (consumer) and update the current results accordingly.

  • Health Application shall support a medical inspector role, which shall be provided to entities such as Airports, railway stations, public transit operators in order to access the end consumer medical records make sure both public entity and end consumer adhere the rules and limitation set by the government.

  • Users of the Health Application shall be end users, Doctors, Health Inspectors, Hospitals/Clinics and the government departments

  • User can download the Health Application version made for them from Play Store and App Store and fill in his/her personal details and capture/share their photograph

  • The Health Application Web portal shall have user and doctor’s information along with user and role permissions and would be based on country, state/province, region, district, city

  • Doctors and Medical personnel shall be provided with respective user roles in the portal

    • User shall visit the Doctor/clinic for treatment

    • Doctor shall login to the Web Portal

    • Doctor scans / taps the Health Application to verify the patient and fetch information for medical purpose

    • Doctor verifies the patient details and photograph and update the user details – Name, Date of treatment, Status

    • User data (Pic, Name, Date of Treatment, Status) shall be encrypted and provisioned in the consumer device as a DESFIRE credential

  • Health Inspector shall use the Verification Application (reader) on his/ her device to read and verify the user’s/patient details

    • Consumer opens his/her Citizen’s Health Application on their device.

    • Inspector taps his / her device with the Consumer device.

    • Consumer picture with other data is displayed on the Inspector device.

Other key features of the Health Application include-

  • Easy and relatively inexpensive to deploy, manage and maintain

  • Convenient and Secure Provisioning from the Health Authority on to the consumer/patient

  • Simplicity and reliability of Tap and Verification of the Consumer/Patient health credentials

  • Privacy of the individual is guaranteed with the de-centralized architecture and hardware security

  • The de-centralized solution ensures Quick Scalability and privacy of the individual with no data being stored in a central server, and no threat of any attack

  • With no need of a huge rigid entity storing the consumer data and the ability to operate offline if need be, it enables the fastest (and secure) Time to Market for operations

  • Mandatory usage of the Secure Element provides the highest level of security and mitigates the individual’s data against any kind of attack and compromise

  • Leveraging the existing MIFARE technology/infrastructure and Service Platform enables scalability and is a relatively easy for deployment and also enables Over the Air updates where necessary

  • Same solution can also be applied to Tags if the user does not have a mobile device

We also have relevant experience to help our customers and partners to have the Health Application Platforms certified by Government, or 3rd party certified companies with respect to their business segments.

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