We help our customers in using the Cloud environment wherein their users, agents, distributors and partners will allow the customers to digitize their Health Card remotely over the air and further to that transact using QR payment technology using new trends - handheld devices to wearable devices. We enable IoT solutions for our customers and their partners.

The end customers can leverage and benefit from Cloud based Health Card technology solution by attaching or connecting with their credit, debit, prepaid, gift card, transit card information issued by multiple banks or third party companies from the digital wallet on their phones.

Our team expertise covers understanding and implementing the following key features of a Digital Health Card Issuance System-

  • Health Card issuance and management will be a comprehensive solution for all medical activities for the end consumers. The head of the family shall opt for the health card and subscribe all respective family members to the health card account. The provisioning shall map all family members to a single health card account with unique ids’ to each of the members

  • The health card shall be mapped to SSN, Adhaar, Passport, PAN, Tax ID or any government issued identification in order to gather all health information as and when the user consults the medical practitioner(s) and the records shall be saved against the health accounts. The information access will be with respective hospitals, respective government health departments, family members and which can be either accessed through web portal, mobile where concerned person can have access to their respective data at any time-

    • Issuance of Health card mapped to Parent Unique id and child/family prefixes to the unique id

    • All Health Card shall be configured with Health benefit limit and validity

    • System shall be able to issue cards, where cards issuance can happen through government, or 3rd party agencies such as distributors, doctors, clinics, hospitals, insurance companies where they can issue on behalf of each other as part of members associated as partners within the eco-system

    • All preferred hospitals and clinics shall be provided with terminal or online portals which can acquire the claim transactions and payments.

    • User shall have the option to swipe the card at preferred hospitals/clinics and request for Pre-hospitalization claims, can perform top up of the amount or connect with any 3rd party systems to top up amount to get the benefits across for all health related expenses using one card.

    • Partner with banks or payment schemes for issuing or acquiring the transactions could help end users to use the card for all the purposes.

    • Number of 3rd parties or partners or agencies can be involved in region wise i.e. city, district, state/province, country

  • Apart from the transactions, the card will provide the Insurance benefits of using health card, wherein below is the claim flow:

    • User swipes the card

    • Agent/Merchant/Receptionist selects the specialization, selects the treatment, date of treatment

    • Based on the selection, the details will be sent as request to centralized host

    • Host shall respond with the Amount required for the treatment, amount which can be availed based on the limit available in the card, and difference amount to be paid by the patient or claimant

    • Based on the difference amount, user shall be provided with options to pay the amount

    • A claim summary and payment receipt shall be printed accordingly

    • User can also request the Agent/Merchant/Receptionist claim info in order to find out the overall cost of the treatment before hand

    • The terminal shall have provision to request for reimbursement if the claimant/patient has already taken the treatment and is to claim the reimbursement

    • User shall have option to view the past treatment/visit history which shall be saved in the centralized database

    • The Health Card shall/can be linked to govt issued id such as SSN, Tax ID, Adhaar card/pan/SSID or similar

    • Consumer wallet shall allow the user to check his/her treatment, visit history, check available limits and request for claim summary before planning to start a treatment

    • The system can also be connected with 3rd party claiming and insurance systems for getting benefits along with any government benefits of claiming the above amount and will get credited on the same health card or can be claimed using the same card

We also have relevant experience to help our customers and partners to have the Issuance Platforms certified by Card Payment Schemes/PNOs, processors with respect to their business segments.

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