Unified Payment Interface is a NPCI, India initiative enabling efficient, simple, effective and instantaneous payments. UPI enables the payment process for customers, merchants and gateway to process in Indian environment through NPCI and integrate with credit and debit remittance with banks, acquirers, and issuers.

UPI payments can be initiated through mobile and web applications, the payments are initiated by the sender, but also can be requested by the beneficiary, and the authentication shall be carried out by the sender in a secure and integrated manner within defined framework.

Our team has good experience in consulting, designing and architecting, developing such applications that involve VPA creation, Sending, requesting and receiving money via UPI using portal, devices, and backend supporting server applications.

Some of the key features developed in the UPI for Smart Phone/Tablet are:

  • Develop Mobile UPI application for all UPI transactions for C2C, C2B, B2C, & B2B.

  • Create/Generate unique virtual payment addresses and Aadhar integration

  • Make payments by using the virtual payment address without having to ever account or card details of the receiver

  • Perform pre-authorized transactions such as recurring payments for Utility & Postpaid bills

  • Expose and intake APIs to NPCI for all transactions

  • Expose and intake APIs for all kind of push and pull payments.

  • Authenticate the Mobile UPI application using passwords, mobile PINs, face detection, & Biometric validation

  • Allow paying from any UPI account using virtual addresses and validating the transaction through UPI PINs

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