Helpdesk is a key aspect for any product or service based organization to provide the clients with information with regards to their queries and for resolutions. It usually comprises of troubleshooting the problems and provide guidance on the Customer their issues. It can be in-house or for external support requirement which are basically designed to provide assistance to their customers/clients and for any other teams within the organization.

Girmiti supports using tools in organizing client communication and helpdesk to help their businesses by responding to their queries in an effective and timely manner. Our support team offers comprehensive experience to your clients their businesses.

Few key features of our Support and Helpdesk systems are:

  • Realtime integration with Issuance, Acquiring , Transit, Loyalty and other payment solutions

  • Provide context and insight into customer experiences

  • Provide internal features to benchmark the performance of your existing product

  • Support to help our clients out of jeopardy by managing the ticket process clear and providing them with results by avoiding any hassles

  • Agency and Agent management – both insourced and outsourced

  • Providing automated workflows based on tags, designating the tasks based on tags, priority, and backend logic

  • Ticket SLA configuration, escalations

  • Billing and Fees

  • Mobile and web based applications

  • Multi-channel communication to all stakeholders – SMS, Push Notifications, Email, Outgoing Voice base for self help for Customers and also to enable Agents to resolve issues faster, efficiently and effectively

  • Smart Knowledge base and effective usage

  • Reports based on the resolved, escalated and pending tickets accordingly

  • Agent wise performance tracking and reporting

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