All entities involved in processing a transactions i.e., initiating, routing, processing, authorizing, clearing, and settling of payment would be dependent on the typical process of Fee and Commission management.

Each and every entity which are part of transactions would either charge fees for their respective involvement within the processing of the payment transactions.

Girmiti comes with expertise in associating with acquiring systems for processing financial transactions and integrating with processing participants, understanding rules, regulations, and transaction types. Girmiti also has vast experience in developing solutions that initiate the settlement process to ensure payment with all entities appropriately.

Some of the key features of Fee and Commission management are as follows:

  • Detailed process and reporting options with complete transaction history of all required fields

  • Clear transaction Logging system providing detailed accounting and monitoring accessibility.

  • Multiple currency support.

  • Integration with multiple payment and stakeholder systems to provide a homogeneous reconciliation and reporting preferences.

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