Processed payment transactions would need to be correctly accounted and integrated with existing accounting systems to effect movement of funds between various parties through the banks

It involves application in generating payment files from accounting/ERP system and processes the files into the acquiring or issuance or transit system format.

Girmiti has expertise in integrating with existing accounting systems to provide the client with uninhibited experience of transactions payments in bulk along with reconciliation and settlement process.

Some of the salient accomplishments of Interface with accounting systems are as follows:

  • Capabilities to accept various Payment Modes

  • Realtime integration with Issuance, Acquiring , Transit, Loyalty and other payment solutions

  • Integration options – online and offline; inward and outward API

  • Hassle-free Integration with Checkout system with saved for seamlessly transactions.

  • Settlement and Reconciliation with Accounting systems

  • Detailed reports and statistics on transactions

  • Robust, scalable, & secure APIs and libraries for all integrated platforms

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