Chatbot software mimics the human replies based on auto populated responses. It’s an artificial intelligence combined with natural language processing and machine learning which reads the queries and questions and responds appropriately based on the backend logic and tags.

Girmiti has experience in providing automated helpdesk solution that supports client communication to help their businesses by responding to their queries in an effective and timely manner.

The salient features of our Chatbot system are as follows

  • Ability to handle multiple contacts at the same time, scalable and high performing

  • Realtime integration with Issuance, Acquiring , Transit, Loyalty and other payment solutions

  • Ability to support 24/7 across the globe

  • Helps the clients to focus on complex issues and queries through smart, intelligent and cognizant capability

  • Profiling through history and learning for more effective customer interaction

  • The chat experience far more consistent allowing the clients to stay connect throughout until the issue is resolved

  • Extensible API for easy integration

  • Escalation to manual intervention in case of higher turn around time

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