Interactive Voice Response is an automated call management solution that triggers communication with end users with a proactive response and also offers a list of menu items to choose the respective support.

Girmiti has vast experience is providing selectable menu options from multi-level IVR system and integrating with payment solutions. It allows clients to focus on handling complex queries with simple and configurable options. The calls can also be personalized by creating a lively experience with their end user such as greeting with their names and predicting their needs based on past experience.

Some the key highlights of the IVRS development in Girmiti are as follows:

  • Multi-channel system supporting all available platforms

  • Vast experience in integrating to leading industry IVR and Call Center solutions with Issuance, Acquiring, Transit and Loyalty solutions

  • Complex workflows made simple

  • Robust and Integration ready

  • Secure, Scalable, & Reliable

  • Customizable based on client's requirement with 24x7 Support

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